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Dogs are family

Dogs as you see them are innocent. Mostly the ones who are stray. They have no idea who they are until you give them an identity and meaning to live this life. Some of them require proper medical attention, some are in desperate condition to be rescued, and some are too small waiting to get a family, a friend.

Have you noticed in their eyes? Have you seen that they are wet? Do you know they have loads of story to tell? They even don’t know who to express and how to! When you care, you understand that even in their silence, they say a lot! Yes, they can’t speak but they have all the abilities to express. Some have become completely expression-less because life was hard to them. Isn’t it us, the most sophisticated, the most educated, the ones who have access to all the facilities in the world, become more available to them for their rescue and help?

It only takes compassion and love to see them as family. They have life too! It is only us who can give their lives a proper meaning. It’s different when you give dog a family than the same you do for a helpless human! Dogs have the ability to return back. They return back with happiness that you seek! Dogs never betray. In extreme cases they even come forward to give their own lives to save yours!

Isn’t it a miracle to have such a companion, who is unconditional, possesses more compassion than you, and gives you endless love, asking for nothing in return? Dogs are our heart. They aren’t logical like our brains. They are just bundle full of love and nothing else.

I wish someday, all the stray dogs gets a human family. A family that calls her by a name, embraces her with love, and gives her all the freedom like we give to our own children.

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